Mammoth Lakes Top Activities

Top Activities

There are so many things to do here. From vigorous outdoor activities to relaxation and luxury. We've put together a list of the "Must Do's" for your visit.

Make sure to be adventurous in Mammoth Lakes. There is so much to do in so little time! Mammoth Lakes is perfect if you love exploring and the outdoors. There is countless fun in the town and also the lakes and hikes. Make sure to get out of your comfort zone and have some extrordinary fun!

Devil's Postpile National Monument

Devil's Postpile National Monument

The Devil’s Postpile is an unusual rock formation of columnar basalt.  The national monument protects this columnar basalt, as well as, protects Rainbow Falls and the surrounding preserved mountain scenery and landscape.  It’s a geological wonder that has awed experts and visitors throughout the years and is a definite must do for site seeing and checking off another item on your ‘bucket list’.

Pacific Crest Trail, Mammoth Lakes, CA, 93546 :: (760) 934-2289
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Mammoth Brewing Company

Mammoth Brewing Companyv

Mammoth Brewing Company is a small microbrew located in Mammoth Lakes. Tours are available as well as tastings of there many beers. This is a definite must if you are a beer conniosseur.

18 Lake Mary Road, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546 :: (760) 934-7141
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Convict Lake

Convict Lake

Convict Lake is a popular place for fishing and site seeing situated at the base of Mount Morrison.  Each year Convict Lake hosts the fishing derbies, a sunrise to sun fall competition that lasts from September to mid November where prize drawings are awarded for the esteemed fish caught that bodes longer than 14”.  Visitors here can also enjoy camping, hiking, and horseback riding adjacent to the 170 acre lake, as well as, the impressive views of the dramatic mountain surrounding the lake.  

2000 Convict Lake Road, Mammoth Lakes, CA, 93546 :: (760) 934-3800
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