Getting To Banff

Getting Around


Calgary International Airport is the most convenient commercial airport located 92 miles East of Banff that offers numerous flights, both connecting and non-stop to various destinations. Click here to find flights to Calgary from YOUR destination! This is the only main airport near Banff 

Airport Address:

2200 Airport Road NE, Calgary, AB, Canada
(403) 735-1200

Getting Around Banff

Getting Around

The best way to travel around the town of Banff is by walking or driving to get a sense of the downtown area when you get there. However, a car is required to go to certain areas around downtown such as the ski resort and the surrounding parks. There is also a local taxi service to help you get around town if you need it. There are also airport shuttles to the town if needed. The only way to reach Banff however is by driving from the airport or other starting point.