Banff Area


Banff is one of the most frequently visited Canandian towns. With many different summer and winter outdoor activities, it's simple to see why Banff is very popular between American and even Canadian visitors. During your stay, you will be able to find something different to do every day without the fear of boredom.

Downtown Banff

Downtown Banff is the main town in the area. There are many shops, restaurants, and activities throughout the town. During your stay, we hope that you find time to explore the town and its outskirts. You will be pleasently surprised by all of the wonderful things you can do during you stay in downtown while also having the privacy of your residence. This is the most popular place to stay in Banff for locals and visitors. We hope you enjoy your stay!

Banff Mountain Base


The mountain basin area of Banff is the perfect place to relax after a good day on the slopes. With many different shops, restaurants, and hotels, it is easy to either grab a quick bite to eat and retire to you room or go shopping for some Banff souvenirs. The mountain base is just a short drive or shuttle ride away from down town making this a more private area with great acess to the main town.