Whistler Top Activities

Whistler Top Activities

There are so many things to do in this area. From vigorous outdoor activities to relaxation and luxury. We've put together a list of the "Must Do's" for your visit.

Whistler has many activities that the entire family can enjoy during both the summer and winter seasons. Whether its skiing or snowboarding down a mountain or biking through the trees, there is something for everyone. Be sure to enjoy the Canadian nature that has spectacular views and trails to explore on. Try to do as much as you can during your visit!

Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler Activity

Your stay in Whistler isn't complete without exploring the beautiful mountain known as Whistler Blackcomb. This massive mountain is one of the largest resorts in North America and features a Peak 2 Peak Gondola that allows skiiers and snowboarders to move from the Whister and Blackcomb mountain tops. It is often one of the most visited ski resorts in North America. With over 8000 skiable acres, there is a lot of mountain to explore during your vacation. There are many different styles of slopes and trails that are perfect for all skiers and snowboarders of any age and skill level. They get about 402 inches of snow per year which make it a perfect mountain for powder skiing. 

4545 Blackcomb Way, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada :: (604) 967-8950
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Lost Lake

Whistler Activity

Lost lake is an all season venture for people of all ages. The trails are well kept and vary in difficulty depending on which one you choose. In the winter the municipality set cross country tracks and has a hut available for rental gear including bikes for the summer months. The beautiful landscape and views of the mountain makes Lost Lake the perfect place to enjoy a nice lunch near the lake with friends and family or just relax and enjoy nature. Whatever you do, make sure you visit Lost Lake no matter what season it is. It will be a memorable experience.

Lost Lake Whistler, British Columbia, Canada :: (800) 944-7853

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Whistler Mountain Bike Park

Whistler Activity

Whistler Mountain Bike Park has something for everybody during their visit. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced biker, there is a trail or area that is tailored just for you. Be sure to have full padding during your ride as it is a safety precaution. There are many places for food at the base after you enjoy shredding down the hill through cruisers, twisty tracks, or steep rock faces with root strewn lines and drop offs. Be sure to visit this experience during the summer season and it will be an adventure that you will never forget!

Whistler Blackcomb, Whister, British Columbia, Canada :: (604) 967-8950
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