Whistler Top Dining

Whistler Top Dining

We are blessed to have an incredible selection of restaurants, cafes and great nightlife choices. We've selected a few of our favorites that we recommend to our friends and family.

Whistler offers a wide variety of both casual and up-scale eateries that focus on delicious foods of many different ethic cultures. Be sure to try as many places as possible during your visit as each restaurant has something different to offer for each dish they prepare. Happy eating!

Rim Rock Cafe & Oyster Bar

Whistler Dining

A local and visitor favorite, Rim Rock Cafe & Oyster Bar is a must visit during your stay in Whistler. They offer a 4-course meal for 45$ which includes a delicious selection of seafood and game. The ambiance of the restaurant is unique and cannot be found anywhere else just like their signature dishes. They offer a large selection of different types of wines and specialty drinks. Reservations are recommended and they are open from 5:45pm-9pm daily. Be sure to drop by and see what they have for specials. This is a must visit restaurant that offers fantastic service and delicious food that never disappoints. 

2117 Whistler Road, British Columbia, Canada :: (604) 932-5565
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Red Door Bistro

Red Door Bistro is one of the most popular restaurants in Whistler. Located in the heart of the town, this eatery serves up French cuisine with a flare from the west coast. They have plenty of different main course dishes making it easy for everyone to find a meal they can enjoy. Along with their extensive wine list and plenty of beers and other types of specialty drinks, Red Door Bistro offers a wide variety of different desserts for the person in your group who has a sweet tooth! It is highly recommended that you make reservations before coming to this restaurant!

2129 Lake Placid Road, Whistler, BC, Canada :: (604) 962-6262
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The Mexican Corner Restaurant

Whistler Dining

For some of the best casual dining in Whistler we recommend that you visit The Mexican Corner Restaurant. With authentic Mexican cuisine that has been mastered by their chefs, it will surely make your taste buds beg for more. They have a large selection of different types of mexican foods that incorporate different types of meats and veggies. There is a very fun vibe to the restaurant as they occasionally have a marriachi band playing in the restaurant. They offer a large selection of beers, wines, and specialty drinks such as margaritas and piña coladas. Be sure to bring the whole family for family-friendly fun!

12-4340 Sundial Crescent, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada :: (604) 962-4450
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Whistler Dining

Located in the heart of Whistler is the restaurant Elements that serves up casual dining in a relatively small setting. They use the freshest ingredients to create their signature dishes that are considered Canadian cuisine and seafood. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily and provide a plethora of seasonal wines to accommodate your meal to make it some of the best food you'll ever have. They also offer many different beers, spirits, and specialty drinks. Note that they do not take reservations and they work on a first come first served basis. Make sure you visit them for a delicious meal during any part of the day!

4359 Main Street #102B, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada :: (604) 932-5569
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Alta Bistro

A very casual dining spot in Whistler, Alta Bistro serves up modern French cuisine with dishes that are bright, flavourful, and complex. As one of the most popular restaurants in the town of Whistler, it is important that before you come that you make a reservation! Alta Bistro believes in using locally and ethically sourced foods and being a sustainable restaurant. They support local artisans and the local brewery as they have Whistler Brewing beer on tap for purchase. They also have a large wine selection and the wait staff can give you suggestions on which wine will go perfectly with your meal. There is a real family feel to this restaurant as it is locally owned and operated. 

4319 Main Street, Whistler, BC, Canada :: (604) 932-2582
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Sachi Sushi

Acclaimed as Whistler's best sushi restaurant, Sachi Sushi is a must visit for those who love sushi and sashimi of all types. Easily the best place to get sushi in Whistler, this establishment has been serving the community since 2003. Their owner and head chef Toshiyuki Kobayashi has over 30 years over experience and has served the Whistler community sushi for over 25 years. They try their best to give you a memorable sushi experience during your visit! They only take reservation for groups of 6 or more so just stop on by when you feel like grabbing some of the best sushi Whistler has to offer!

4359 Main Street #106, Whistler, BC, Canada :: (604) 935-5649
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El Furniture Warehouse

At El Furniture Warehouse, all foods on their extensive menu are just $4.95! They are committed to providing great foods along with great value for their customers. They only use the highest quality ingredients that are locally and organically sourced which creates fresh casual fare. They take pride in being part of the Whistler community and relay that to their patrons with great food and great prices. There are no reservations so just stop by and enjoy a great meal for an amazing price!

4314 Main Street, Whistler, BC, Canada :: (604) 962-8848
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Bearfoot Bistro

As one of the most popular premier fine dining restaurants in the town of Whistler, Bearfoot Bistro is a must visit during your stay in town. There are a variety of things to do in the restaurant other than just eating. Bearfoot Bistro is home to the Ketel One Ice Room, which is the coldest vodka tasting room in the world! They also have a huge selection of different types of foods so that everyone can find a meal that is suitable for their taste buds. They have a wine director that can help you choose the perfect wine to compliment your dish. Reservations are highly recommended before you come in to the restaurant!

4121 Village Green, Whistler, BC, Canada :: (604) 932-3433
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Brickworks is a very unique and different restaurant located in the heart of Whistler. They serve breakfast and lunch throughout the day and also have large selections of beer, wine, and specialty drinks to compliment your meal. They pride themselves on a craft beer experience as they have craft beer both on tap and in the bottle. They also have a large selection of different wines and specialty drinks. Their $10 lunch menu is one of the most popular menus in town for a quick lunch. Be sure to stop by on your next vacation to Whistler!

4308 Main Street, Whistler, BC, Canada :: (604) 962-2929
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Rolands Pub

Rolands Pub is the perfect place for a casual yet fun dining experience. This is where the locals of Whistler tend to hang out as they serve up delicious foods, a wide variety of beers, and a great atmosphere. They use fresh local ingredients for their dishes and they also offer many homemade desserts such as key lime pie, mom's apple pie, brownies, butter tarts, and pecan tarts. No matter which way you put it, Rolands Pub is a favorite hangout for both locals and visitors alike. Be sure to make some time to visit this eatery as you and your family will have a great time eating some great food and enjoying a very vibrant and fun atmosphere!

2129 Lake Placid Road, Whistler, BC, Canada :: (604) 932-5940
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Gone Bakery

Tucked away and hidden in the heart of Whistler Village lies the wonderful cafe Gone Bakery. This is a favorite place for both locals and visitors who are searching for a quick, fresh, and healthy meal or a coffee with friends and family. Their menu is constantly changing as the seasons provide different foods but they make an effort to have locally grown foods in their dishes. They serve up breakfast, lunch, and dinner for very reasonable prices in a super casual dining setting. You have the choice to dine-in and take-out if you please. Try to find this small establishment and you won't be disappointed!

4205 Village Square, Whistler, BC, Canada :: (604) 938-1990
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Brandy's is Whistler's most popular late-night sports bar and lounge. It is perfect for a nice casual meal out or after skiing or doing some type of outdoor or indoor activity. They hold weekly events that include music and dancing. If you have an urge to go somewhere to watch the big game then Brandy's is the perfect place to go! They offer a full dining menu and offer a large selection of beers both on tap and in the bottle along with a variety of wines and specialty drinks. Any way you put it, a visit to Brandy's will make your night fun and memorable!

4429 Sundial Place, Whistler, BC, Canada :: (604) 932-5151
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Wild Wood Bistro

At Wild Wood Bistro, their passion for food is unmatched by any other restaurant in the Whistler area and they offer fantastic service, delicious food, and a great atmosphere. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout different times of the day and they also have a large selection of different wines and beers that will accompany your meal perfectly. During your stay in Whistler, we hope you branch out and try Wild Wood Bistro as it is one of the most unforgettable dining experiences in town. 

4154 Village Green #3, Whistler, BC, Canada :: (604) 935-4077
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La Cantina

Backed by reputation and experience, La Cantina is a local and visitor favorite. They call themselves and urban taco bar and they live up to their claim. They prepare fast mexican food for quick and easy meals for their customers. The atmosphere in the restaurant is warm and inviting the second you walk in the door. It is easy to sit in their cozy chairs and relax for hours on end during you visit for some delicious tacos. Their wait staff does their best to make sure you feel as if you are at home during your visit. Be sure to stop by during your next vacation in Whistler. We're sure you'll enjoy it!

4340 Lorimer Road, Whistler, BC, Canada :: (604) 962-9950
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Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre's Thunderbird Cafe

Featuring traditional fare, Thunderbird Cafe is the perfect place to visit and eat at for those who enjoy a cozy, relaxing atmosphere. They serve up many delicious local favorites throughout the day and they have their signature dessert menu that you can enjoy after your meal. They claim that their menu is inspired by traditional First Nations food and that their food includes fresh local ingredients. Their menu items change daily for a different experience every time you walk in the door. This is a very popular place for both locals and visitors so make sure you stop by!

4584 Blackcomb Way, Whistler, BC, Canada :: (604) 964-0990
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Pure Bread

This family-owned bakery is one of the most popular eateries in the entire town of Whistler. Their goal is to bake delicious breads and treats and to bring smiles to peoples faces while eating their food. They have a variety of baked goods that you can enjoy during your visit and their team staff is very knowledegable and are passionate about what they do. During your visit, try something different and out of the ordinary. Chances are that you'll like it and it'll become a favorite of yours especially when you visit Whistler. We hope you try this eatery and that you enjoy every bit as much as we do!

1040 Millar Creek Road, Whistler, BC, Canada :: (604) 938-3013
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Alpine Cafe

Founded in 2004, Alpine Cafe is one of the most popular eateries in the Whistler area for anyone looking for a delicious meal whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They offer a variety of different types of foods that people of all ages can enjoy. They welcome children with open arms making this a very family friendly establishment. They also offer a variety of coffees and teas to really give it that cafe vibe. This is a can't miss restaurant and you will be pleasantly surprised by how popular it is and how much you'll end up enjoying it during your visit. 

8104 Mckeevers Place, Whistler, BC, Canada :: (604) 905-4663
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