Area Information

Crested Butte Area Information

Welcome to our home town! As you plan your visit there are things you'll want to know in advance so you can get the most enjoyment out of your visit.

Crested Butte prides themselves on outdoor activities. The surrounding area provides numerous hiking trails, bike paths, and scenic views. Any outdoorsman will enjoy their stay in Crested Butte. The town also offers a mountain for everyone who enjoys to ski or snowboard regardless of age or skill level. 

Crested Butte Mountain Resort opened in 1960 but struggled the first 10 years. After their hardship, the resort grew to exponetial heights and it is now one of the most popular ski areas in Colorado. The name of the mountain comes from the shape of the landscape and is the home to many olympians and FIS Alpine Ski World Cup competitors. This is an adventure ski destination so be ready to experience some memorable fun!