Santa Rosa Top Dining

Santa Rosa Dining

We are blessed to have an incredible selection of restaurants, cafes and great nightlife choices. We've selected a few of our favorites that we recommend to our friends and family.

Santa Rosa's dining scene is very different and unique. Obviously since they are situated on the water, seafood is going to be the most popular dish in town. They have other dishes around town are all different restaurants but seafood is always king. Be sure to try some while you're down there and you'll agree that it is some of the best seafood you ever had!

Stinky's Fish Camp

Santa Rosa Dining

Fish lovers rejoice! Stinky's Fish Camp is the place to be if you are a seafood fanatic. With their fun, cool, and comfortable enviroment, it is easy to have a nice casual meal at the end of long day. They serve all sorts of seafoods and present beautifully on a large platter. Come with friends or family with the kids as this place is very warm and welcoming to all its patrons! They have specials such as Taco Tuesday (11AM-3PM) and Sunday Brunch (10AM-3PM) during the week and offer both lunch and dinner every day. They have a large selection of wine that can be purchased by the class or by the bottle along with plenty of different beers and spirits. Reservations are not needed as it is first come first serve. Put Stinky's Fish Camp on your list the next time you visit Santa Rosa!

5994 County Road 30A, Santa Rosa Beach, FL, 32459 :: (850) 267-3053
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Cafe Thirty A

Santa Rosa Dining

Cafe Thirta A is the premier place to eat creative and unique food in Santa Rosa, Florida. They are open at 5PM daily for dinner and they also take to-go orders for those who would like to eat great food and do an activity at the same time. As a casual fine-dining restaurant, Cafe Thirty A has all different types of foods so everyone can find something that they are looking for. They offer a large selection of fine wines along with a large list of beers and cocktails. There is an "islandy" vibe to the restaurant but at the same time it has a sophisticated feel to it. Reservations are encouraged because of the popularity of the restaurant.

3899 E. Co Hwy 30A #30A, Santa Rosa Beach, FL, 32459 :: (850) 231-2166
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Great Southern Cafe

Santa Rosa Dining

Great Southern Cafe has it all as they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner from 8AM to 11AM, 11AM to 4PM, and 4PM-9:30PM respectivly. This eatery serves up classic southern foods that everyone can enjoy but puts a personal twist on all of their dishes. They have a large selection of beers both bottled and on draft, wines, and spirits to accompany their dishes. The wait staff can give you recommendations on what beverage would best pair with your meal. They also offer many southern style dessert for anyone in your group that may have a sweet tooth. Great Southern Cafe does not accept reservations but gladly works on a first come first serve basis. Come in during your next vacation!

83 Central Square, Santa Rosa Beach, FL, 32459 :: (850) 231-7327
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