Sun Valley Area


Sun Valley is a resort town in Blaine County central Idaho that has many different shops, restaurants, and activities. Many of the activities include skiing, ice skating, golfing, hiking, trail riding, cycling, and tennis. There are many different ski areas that visitors and locals can enjoy during the winter seasons. 


Elkhorn is one of the newest neighborhoods Sun Valley that is located alongside a golf course and country club. Many of the activities are centered around being in the outdoors. Both the winter and the summer seasons are perfect for this neighborhood. Both visitors and locals both agree that Elkhorn is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods located one of the most beautiful areas in the United States. 

Downtown Ketchum

Downtown Ketchum is a more urban and modern area in Sun Valley. The area incorporates many up-scale lofts and condos that are all within walking distance to bars, restaurants and ships alike. There is also a grocery store for those who would like to cook their own meals to save their money for other fun activities. The nightlife in the area is wonderful for both families and couples and promises to never disappoint. 

West Ketchum

West Ketchum is located directly across from Downtown Ketchum and west of the jogging/walking trails that can be seen on Google Earth. The properties in West Ketchum are very close in proximity to the Wood River wth beautiful views. These townhomes and condos also offer higher privacy than many of the other locations in Sun Valley but it is not exactly and easy walk to many of the restaurants and shops located around town. The best way to reach these places is by driving.

Warm Springs

Since there is zero ski-in/ski-out in Sun Valley, this is as close as you can get to the slopes (with the exception of properties in Ketchum and west Ketchum near the River Run base). This area has mostly older but some newer developments and some private homes too. This neighborhood is close to many of the restaurants and shops located in Sun Valley and offers many of the outdoor activities that people from all over the country come to enjoy.