Big Sky Area


Big Sky is home to the most popular mountain resort in the enitre state of Montana. The beautiful landscape is only one of the many great things this town has to offer. It is the perfect place to relax, be active, spend time with family and friends, or enjoy a nice romantic vacation with your significant other. Located in the Madison Mountain Range, which is part of the Rocky Mountain, skiiers and snowboarders can both agree that Big Sky is the perfect area for a great day out on the slopes during your visit. Below, we've provided some neighborhoods that might be what you're looking for during your vacation.

Mountain Village

Big Sky's Mountain VIllage is where all patron who are looking to hit the slopes stay during their vacation. There are many ski-in/ski-out properties located alongside the mountain along with numerous evening activities such as restaurants and watering holes. The nightlife is perfect for both couples and families as there are restaurants that cater to every group's needs. Mountain Village is the "hub" of Big Sky so don't miss out on the many wonderful activities they have during both the day and night!

Meadow Village and Town Center


Meadow Village is a small part of Big Sky that includes many different restaurants and shops for your enjoyment. There is also a golf course that you could play on if you are so inclined. A little farther up the road is Town Center, which is where the majority of the arts and entertainment come to life in Big Sky. There is also a large selection of different restaurants that cater to many different groups. Town Center is currently still growing but it still have many wonderful activities such as a movie theater and outdoor activities such as fly fishing. 

Gallatin River Area

The Gallatin River Area in Big Sky is one of the premier places to go fly fishing in the entire United States. The river is the perfect outdoor activity during the summer for both kids and adults. The stunning views of the river area are definitely worth seeing during your vacation in Big Sky. In the small town area, there are many restaurants and shops that people may enjoy after their outdoor activities. There are also various places to stay around the river.