Getting To and Around Salt Lake City

Getting Around

Snowbird and Alta are up Little Cottonwood Canyon with really nothing more than what the resorts offer to do as far as dining and activities so really there is no need for a vehicle in the winter unless you want to go into Salt Lake for dinner or a Jazz Game. Contact your Destination Expert for all options on how to add transportation to your lodging package. You are about 35 to 45 minutes away from Snowbird and Alta from the Salt Lake City Airport. Solitude is where you will be staying when visiting the area and wanting to stay in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Because everything there is at the resort is a short walk there is no need for a vehicle except to get there. We can help you with shuttle service from the airport or car rentals. Our suggestion is to do the shuttle service we can help you arrange, then start relaxing with a beautiful scenic ride.