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More High Value Direct Bookings


Identify, Target & Attract your Ideal Properties

The Booking Platform Built for Property Managers provides travelers with a great booking experience because they are always booking directly with a trusted, local property manager and the guests avoid the high service fees of Airbnb and European-based OTAs.

And for property managers, we deliver the highest value bookings:

  • You are the Merchant of Record
  • Guests are subject to YOUR Terms & Conditions and YOUR cancellation policies
  • You have direct communication with the guest before, during and after the reservation

The Rentalz Difference

A Robust Local Presence

Destination-Specific Microsites

Guests search for properties on a site dedicated to Big Bear, complete with locally-tailored information.

Dining & Attraction Directories

Each Rentalz microsite features dining and attraction guides maintained by our team through your suggestions and our research. Guests can search the map to find the perfect spot.

Grow Your Property Inventory

OwnerPoint is a complete platform which allows you to identify, target, and attract the ideal homeowners that you want to manage. Our platform includes:

Residential Property Data at Your Fingertips

Public county records were not designed for use by marketers. OwnerPoint delivers accurate property records in an easy to use platform, updated 12x per year. Filter and search by dozens of different variables to identify and target the RIGHT homeowners. Plus OwnerPoint delivers the email addresses and phone numbers of the homeowners you’d like to reach..

Powerful Proposal Tool & Integrated CRM

Deliver compelling proposals to homeowners to set you apart from your competition with OwnerPoint’s powerful proposal tool which includes pro-forma projections. Plus use OwnerPoint’s integrated CRM or have OwnerPoint integrate with a custom HubSpot solution or your existing CRM.

Turnkey Marketing Solutions

Once you’ve refined your target properties, we make the marketing simple. Our turnkey marketing campaigns include direct mail, custom landing pages, email marketing and digital marketing – all integrated into your CRM.

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