Top Dining

The Sahara Grill

For lamb kabob, cabbage rolls, hummus with bread, and a variety of delicious traditional Mediterranean foods, the Sahara Grill is the place to go. A welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff, and new flavors await you here. Come to the Sahara Grill and try something new!

Bird’s Isle

This open-air palapa overlooks the seaport, and offers excellent Caribbean fare. With good service, seafood, and a friendly atmosphere, Bird’s Isle is a great casual eatery. Come treat yourself to the unique flavors and fresh air of this restaurant!

Celebrity Restaurant

Elegant yet inexpensive, Celebrity Restaurant is a great place to get some fresh seafood. House specialties include Lobster Hollandaise, Chicken Mozzarella, Seafood or shrimp Combo, Grill Fresh fillet Snapper, Grouper or Rockfish, and more. Come grab a beer and enjoy a made-to-order meal at Celebrity Restaurant!