Exclusive Partnership Program Details

As an Exclusive Local Partner, you benefit from everything below – plus benefit from having a seasoned partner to help you grow your business.  Our program can help you grow your direct bookings 20% year after year. This turnkey program includes:

  • Exclusive distribution on Rentalz.com – with your own market’s Rentalz microsite.  None of your local competitors will be on YOUR site!
  • Full access to the powerful TravelPoint advanced analytics and targeting platform.  Your marketing will be much more effective.
  • A rich local content “Escape Guide” – designed to drive interest early in the travel planning process
  • A turnkey retargeting program for former guests and inquirers.


  • NO Setup Fees (we don’t like paying setup fees ourselves, so we absorb the startup costs)
  • No commissions on any bookings from any guest already in your traveler database
  • Modest monthly fees, which partially cover web hosting, TravelPoint access, content creation fees, and retargeting of guest – $495/month
  • We earn your market’s normal travel agency/post departure commission on the initial booking from a new guest 

We’ve launched dozens of destinations with other leading companies, and now’s the time to determine if you and your team is the right fit.

Listen to the details below, and watch the demo of TravelPoint.

Watch the short video on how to do a simple TravelPoint search.  We can set you up with a full working demo of TravelPoint within minutes.

You will receive a fully built out local market website, with rich local content, dining and attractions directories – all connected to a high-converting booking engine.

Plus we will create, built out, and promote a local “Escape Guide” that promotes your destination – and is fully integrated into social media and your local market’s Rentalz microsite.

Click image above to see a Rentalz Microsite
Click image above to see an Escape Guide

As our local partner, you receive a turnkey marketing and distribution program that brings it all together.  

We retarget your guests and promote your destination to travelers who are more likely to choose your destination.

We send highly targeted – multi-location emails.  Click below to receive sample emails.

Turnkey & Comprehensive Integrated Marketing & Distribution
Click the image above to receive sample multi-destination emails emails.

Here are a couple examples of videos that we produce to promote to our guests. (long/short)