Top Dining

Charleston’s dining scene has a very formal and southern feel to it which is to be expected as the city is located in the upper south. Many of the dining places offer unique foods from world-class chefs that have won awards for their cooking. Be sure to try as many places as you can as none are exactly alike!

Peninsula Grill

Peninsula Grill exhibits the heart and soul of Charleston. The historic and rustic feel to the restaurant never disappoints and seems to draw huge crowds with its luring image and scenery. Peninsula Grill offers dining inside, outside, and in their champagne bar, and all areas of their restaurant have different and unique atmospheres. The dining room is much more formal compared to the courtyard. The champagne bar is for a patron who enjoys an upbeat atmosphere to compliment their drinks and meal. Peninsula Grill offers an extensive wine list that can complement the meal of your choice. They also have an outstanding dessert menu for those who have a sweet tooth. Reservations are highly encouraged as both visitors and locals will flood to this eatery making it difficult to get a table just by walking in.

Planter’s Inn, 112 N. Market Street, Charleston, SC, 29401 :: (843) 723-0700

Cru Cafe

Cru Cafe is the perfect lunch and dinner spot in Charleston. With its extensive menu of different foods and beverages, everyone can find something that they will enjoy. Although the atmosphere is semi-casual, it is important to know that this is still a somewhat quiet eatery that surrounds itself with relaxation. Families with children are welcome but please be considerate to the other patrons of the restaurant and stay as quiet as possible! Reservations are encouraged.

18 Pinckney Street, Charleston, SC, 29401 :: (843) 534-2434

Hall’s Chophouse

This family-owned business is one of the most famous and recognized restaurants in Charleston. They provide excellent choice cuts of steak along with their wines, beers, and specialty drinks. In this romantic yet fun setting, everyone will enjoy a nice night out at Halls. On Sunday’s they offer what they call a “Sunday Gospel Brunch”, which is breakfast-style meal accompanied by live entertainment from 10AM to 3PM. Be sure to stop by during your visit to Charleston!

434 King Street, Charleston, SC, 29403 :: (843) 727-0090