Rentalz Microsites in VTrips Destinations

As an Exclusive Local Partner in VTrips destinations,  you benefit from everything listed below.  For the team at VTrips, This turnkey program includes:

  • Exclusive distribution on – with your own market’s Rentalz microsite.  None of your local competitors will be on YOUR site!
  • Full access to the powerful TravelPoint advanced analytics and targeting platform.  Your marketing will be much more effective.
  • A rich local content “Escape Guide” – fully integrated and promoted into social media.  We see a particularly good opportunity in the Smoky Mountains.
  • A turnkey retargeting program for former guests and inquirers.

Listen to the details below, and watch the demo of TravelPoint.

Rentalz Microsites have been designed, and can be populated with the V12/ISI feed within days.  Take a quick preview.

St Augustine
Pigeon Forge
Santa Fe
Turnkey Marketing Campaign
Example of a Rentalz Microsite
Example of an Escape Guide
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