Community Giving

At – we are committed to giving back to the communities in which we operate. This includes a focus on local education initiatives in the areas where we rent vacation homes.

In Arizona, we support the efforts of Camp Catanese by making a donation for every booking that takes place in our Arizona destinations.   And we give back to our industry through Inhabit IQ’s Right to Rent Program through our involvement in the VRMA – protecting the rights of homeowners and travelers.

Giving Back Locally


Camp Catanese Foundation is dedicated to preparing low-income Phoenix high school students for success in college and career through STEAM, team-building, and social experiences. We offer a year-round college preparation with dedicated mentors and support. Our approach consists of an annual one-week science, math, and college preparatory camp, weekend retreats, free ACT tutoring, educational field trips, and scholarship opportunities to remove barriers to applying to and enrolling in college.  

Investing in Our Industry

Right to Rent

A portion of every rental through our site is invested back into our industry through Inhabit IQ’s Right to Rent program, which advocates for property managers on a local and national level. Right to Rent’s mission is to protect travelers’ rights to choose the type of accommodation they want. It works to protect the rights of property owners to rent their vacation homes and for businesses to rent vacation properties without unfair taxation or regulation.